Custom 3D Design

Custom 3D Design


Our cost-effective budget solution is ideal for anyone looking to produce a custom object with a 3D printer. This option connects you with an ArtLab designer to create a 3D file to your exact specifications.

You will recieve:
- One (1) hour of design labor.
- Cost analysis to produce your design.
- Material recommendation.

An ArtLab3D representative will be contacting you within 24 hours of your purchase.

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Before You Buy

If your design will take longer than one (1) hour to produce, the additional amount will be included in your project outline's budget and a 3D file delivered only upon payment of the remaining budget. 

Please note: Although many projects can be completed (and delivered) within the one hour window, just as many require hours of labor to produce if your project is particularly unique or otherwise complex.

There is no garauntee you'll recieve a 3D file upon making this purchase and is non-refundable. Contact us for more info.